• Les prostituées

    Vidéo x misstic lens

    vidéo x misstic lens

    Ayelen Parolin does not intend to represent humanized animal sor bestialized humans, hovering between anthropomorphism and zoomorphism. Instead, she builds a hybrid figure base don the layout of images that are out of kilter with any tangible reality. From this impossibility of being certain states can result what appears as counterpoints to the evoked impulses. Apathy and insensivity arise as answers to lust and violence. The lines drawn by the herd remind us of a town Rampart that protects the ones inside against external aggression.

    But what happens inside the walls is not without its dangers. The power struggle causes dominating and dominated elements within the same group. Over the course of the action, each performer is either dominating or dominated. Either active or passive. Our place within the system is constantly being redefined. How can we find our place in a community?

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    vidéo x misstic lens

    Vidéo x misstic lens -

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